I wonder if It’s rainin’ in the mountains
I wonder how the old town looks today
And if the church is there beside the river
Could I go back and find where mama lay

Does life still go to sleep just after sunset
Are the berries still as big on the vine
Do old men sit and talk about the old days
The way they did in 1949

Oh Oh Oh how I’d like to be
Back in the hills of Tennessee
Oh Oh Oh it would be so fine
If I could just go back to 1949

I wonder if by chance they might remember
A teenage boy so wild and fancy free
Who always loved guitars and country music
If I went back would they remember me

I wonder what became of Kathern Ackers
The girl who broke my heart at seventeen
I barely can remember what she looks like
Thirty years ago she was my dream


For many years I’ve searched the wide world over
For what
I don’t recall and didn’t find
And now I’m searching pictures in my memory
For Tennessee 1949