R. Dillard / Martin

It got old Joe Wiggins while returnin' a fruit jar
out to Bessie Mae Hootinpa's place,
About a mile out of town on the West Plains Road
he disapeared without a trace,
They discovered his teeth when the County Police
made an investigation of the case,
And cousin Belle Simmons said that Sheriff Cartwright
had the strangest expression on his face.

It was the biggest whatever that anybody ever saw.
It was covered with fur and come a-rollin' in from Arkansas.
It was 40 feet high, had a gleam in it's eye,
and a big purple patch on it's craw.
It was the biggest whatever that anybody ever saw.

I saw old man Hutto, he's a hundred and four,
yesterday at Ida Chapman's house.
Said it's much bigger now than when it carried off his cow,
but its not enough to worry about.
Back before the war there was a whole lot more,
but they never come this far south.
I don't mind seein' one from time to time,
but I hope it's not it's regular route.