There was a youth, a cruel youth
Who lived beside the sea,
Six little maidens he drownded there
By a lonely willow tree.

As he walked forth with Sally Brown,
As he walked by the sea;
An evil thought then came to him
By that lonely willow tree.

"Take off your gown, your golden gown.
Take off your gown," said he,
For though I am going to murder you
I would not spoil your finery."

"Then turn around, you false young man.
"Turn around," said she,
"For it is not meet that a youth
A naked woman should see."

He turned around, that false young man
'Round about turned he.
And seizing him boldly in both of her arms,
She tossed him into the sea.

"Lie there, lie there, you false young man
Lie there, lie there," said she
"Six little maidens you've drownded here
Go keep them company."

He sank beneath the icy waves,
He sank down into the sea.
No living thing there wept for him, save
That lonely willow tree.