Pat (and Victoria?) Garvey

I watched the feather river rise
Over shinin' golden sand,
Struck a silver ribbon wide
Held a million in my hand
But beside the lookin' for
The findings always tame
And there's nothin' drives a gambler
Like the lovin' of the game

All my life I've searched around
Travellin' hard from town to town
But I never really found
Anything to tie me down
Still I would not trade my time
For a solid diamond claim
No, I would not trade a fortune
For the lovin' of the game

So long darlin', don't you cry
I hope good things pan out for you
All the good times gonin' bye
Got to have ourselves a few
Where I'm going has no end,
What I'm seeking has no name.
The treasure's not the takin'
It's the lovin' of the game

No, the treasure's not for takin'
It's the lovin' of the game