Trail Of Tears - The Dream We Dreamed (Larry W. Jones 04/16/2007) (song#4587)

There was a time of life sublime
The corn grew tall and strong
Good harvest times were nearing

There was a time of forests prime
Bluebirds sang for all a song
And their song was so endearing

There was a time when life was seldom wrong...

We dreamed a dream in the long ago
When the land was ours without the grieving
We dreamed of peace like a rainbow
And we never dreamed of the day of leaving

Our braves were young and unafraid
But the dreams that they made were all wasted
White men came and the Indians paid
And the bitter Trail of Tears is what we tasted

Buffalo used to roam at night
Their hooves made sounds of thunder
Now our dream is out of sight
White men turned our lives to shame

We used to sleep by the river side
And view the heavens in their wonder
And we never dreamed about the tide
That would sweep away all the game

And still we dreamed that peace would be
That we could live in the land together
But our dreams white men could not see
Our dreams washed away in stormy weather

We dreamed a dream of peace and love
And everything was right, or so it seemed
But the day came we never dreamed of
When white men killed the dream we dreamed