When it's reveille time in heaven and heress there
As they proudly stand attention at the throne
Then the winds will play an anthemn
As it echoe's from the park
And ease a signal from an evening star

It was ranks of marching thousand trampion over heaven's sod
From the pilots to the dismal of the same
They are all of one and equal in this wonder holy land
And reveille played by heavens band

When the universe commander takes the great reviewing stand
They are cited one by one ass they go by
They are highly decorated in a robe of going white
As he receives a blessing from his grave

* Rafrain

Well there's master sergeant Johnny with his crutches thrown away
His purple heart no longer could be seen
There my boy stands beside him with a small upon his face
As he receives a blessing from his grave

* Refrain

When they call Revelle, Reveille in heaven for my boy
He'll stand there smiling thru as did for the red, white and blue
He'll rest in peace up there for ever more
No more fighting like he had to do before
He's just waiting for his mother, his dad, his sis and brother
When its reveille time in heaven for my boy