Willie Moore was a young man, his age twenty one
He courted a damsel fair
Her eyes were as bright as diamonds in the night
And dark as a raven was her hair

Willie Moore courted her both night and day
Till marriage they did agree
But when they went to get her parents' consent
They said it could never be

She threw herself in Willie Moore's arms
As oft times had done before
But little did he know when they parted that night
Sweet Annie he would see no more

They searched for her both far and near
Had friends from all around
And in a little brook before the cottage door
The body of sweet Annie was found

She was taken by her weeping friends
And carried to her parents' room
There she was placed in a gown of snowy white
And laid in a lonely tomb

Her weeping parents now are left all alone
One mourns while the other weeps
While in a grassy mound before the cottage door
The body of sweet Annie sleeps

Now Willie Moore, he spoke not a word
And at length from his friends did part
Last heard of him he was in Montreal
Where he died of a broken heart