Artist: The Bluegrass Cardinals
Album: Cardinal Soul

I never thought I'd see the day
That you'd come to me and say
You were sorry we'd ever met
I guess it all just goes to show
How little one can really know
Somebody that's forgotten you can bet

I'll never again risk all my chips
On laughing eyes and lying lips
I may risk some but I'll hold back a card
Burnt child always fears the fire
And she may fill me with desire
I'll do my loving with half a heart

Half a love is better than none
I may miss out on half the fun
But it won't me hurt me half as much if we should part
I may not feel just half the bliss if we shared just half a kiss
But I'll always be left with half a heart

I only wish that I could be sure
That the next girl that loves me
Love completely with her heart and soul
But I'm afraid she'll let me down
And laugh at me all over town
So I'm gonna keep my self control

He who loves and gone away
Love again another day
Be my model from the very start
I'll never again be taken in by twinkle and dimpled chin
I'll do my lovin' with half a heart