Artist: The Boys From Indiana

I work all day in a busy sawmill.
I come home at night, but you're not there.
You're on the road, like a travellin' woman.
It's breakin' my heart cause you don't care.

That old grey dog is comin' for me.
My bags are packed, I'm a leavin' town.
My mind's made up, and I ain't changin'
This means goodbye, you can mark it down.

Tonight is just a little different.
I walk right in and I slam the door.
Before I leave, you'll get my message.
You can pick yourself up off of the floor.


Come Friday night when I draw my payday,
Your lovin' daddy won't be around.
I'm a goin' down to the Greyhound station.
I'll be long gone, you can mark it down.


Repeat last line of chorus